Saturday, 3 November 2012

What I Saw In Paceville, St Julian’s And Sliema

This is what St Julian’s looks like if you aren’t staring at all The Huge Ugly Hotels.

I stayed at Le Meridien in St Julian’s (San Giljan),

This picture came out really well.

I had a big room,
Picture does not do justice to size of room.
which is really a waste as I hardly want to stay in a stark hotel room all day, and The Generic Hotel Room Art ranged from numbingly dull to slightly creepy:
It could be worse.  Displayed in The Lobby was a painting worth €300:
I could ‘paint’ that.

The Room came with a sea view:
If that tree wasn’t there.
I could just about see Balluta Bay
and the beautiful Carmelite church
if I clambered about, peering between leaves.
There is nothing to do in St Julian’s other than go to restaurants, so it is an awkward place to be based as there’s no way to kill time, which I needed to do on several days.

This is the bay just outside The Hotel:
Paceville (pronounced Patchyville, I think) (left along the bay) has plenty of restaurants and convenience stores, and Sliema (never worked out how that one was pronounced) (right along the bay) also has restaurants and more expensive chain stores.  From St Julian’s to Sliema there is a limestone beach (or hunk of rock, as I would call it)
These are old lidos.  Can't imagine that being a safe place to bathe.
but I wasn’t brave enough to dice with death on The Rocks to actually touch The Sea.  Just crossing The Limestone was risky enough.  There were lots of park and play areas from which to admire The Sea, but this could all be taken in in an afternoon.  However, it was quite upmarket and so a pleasant place for a walk.

View across Balluta Bay:
Possibly St Julian’s Tower:
A feral cat:
The nicest thing (only nice thing) to look at in St Julian’s is the Carmelite church:
I wanted to see the view of Valletta at night from The Strand in Sliema, as it is meant to be pretty.  The Camera couldn’t deal with The Dark and distance though.
It was also a very long walk from Balluta Bay.

But everyone is happy in St Julian’s
even the road signs.

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