Sunday, 21 October 2012

Definitely Evil

This is what happens when The Housemate and I pass each other in corridors:

Sometimes The Housemate likes to mock me.

I’m used to that.  But sometimes he becomes downright evil.

Having discovered that putting his dirty laundry on top of the laundry basket lid rather than IN the laundry basket drives me NUTS (he’s made his way to the basket, how DIFFICULT would it be to lift the damn lid?), he has at different times:

  • claimed that he thought that’s what I wanted him to do, since I talk about it so much,
  • left his clothes on the stairs, even further from being IN the laundry basket,
  • taken all the clothes out of the laundry basket and piled them up on the lid,
  • and finally, after I wrote a blog post (here) about how annoying it is, he went up to the laundry basket and left this:

He’s not just leaving his dirty washing out, now he’s adding mocking notes.


Of course, he’s also weird.

But he has his uses.

Oh, and I wouldn’t want to misrepresent him of course, so just to clarify when he said, ‘He’s not my type’ he meant ‘I’m not gay’.

Although… we watched the 1930s Scarlet Pimpernel the other day and…


  1. Two points, I thought Tom Hiddleston was very good as Henry V (BBC 1's Hollow Crown series). And second point - Russ leaves his clothes on top of the basket too. If I challenge it, it gets further away from the basket. Do men form groups and exchange ways to annoy us women!?!?

  2. Hmm, well maybe I'll check it out sometime.

    I read your comment out to The Housemate and on hearing another man does this, he shouted 'Fight the power, brother.' >:/


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