Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I have added a new page, which you can locate up there in the tab bar.  It’s very important as you can see.  Yes, it’s a list of all of the films I have ever seen. 

Okay, so it’s more for my own interest than anyone else’s, but hello, this is a blog.  I have handily written a one-sentence reaction (or in some cases, one word) to each film, so perhaps it’ll make a handy reference guide.  I’ve also put the films in order of the year they were released (and may one day edit it further to order films within each year by release month, or I may not) because I think that shows an interesting progression in film making, and not at all because alphabetical order drives me nuts because I’m the only person who thinks all the words in a title are valid, that’s why they were specifically chosen to be in the title, and therefore words like ‘the’ and ‘a’ should not be segregated into oblivion or relegated to trail after the title as if they’ve done something wrong. 

So, if you fancy watching a film and want to know whether it’s any good (according to The Hill), then pop on to the list, search the film and away you go.

In other news, I have been working on The Novel-In-Progress Working Title: The Perfect Two.  I may finally have made a little progress with it, but having rewritten the basic plot and changed the genre or POV at least five times, and re-edited it over forty times, I still don’t seem to have made significant improvement.  This is the hardest story I have ever written, because I didn’t decide what the focus of the story was about before I started and it has remained something of a mess.  Anyway, for this brief moment in time, I’m fairly satisfied-ish with the plot, but the actual content is still lacking something, y’know, interesting.

For example, this is a scene from its current incarnation:

I seem to have writer’s block.  I was staring at that scene earlier and just… despairing.  Those three characters are supposed to have nerdy debates but it’s so DULL.  Why didn’t I write three action heroes or wizards instead?  I like the story, the arc, the progression, the character revelations, but everything else just needs… it needs… no, why have writer’s block now?  Why?  I need to make this story more interesting and The Brain has just stalled.

In other other news, I have to go away so won’t be able to post for a while. 

Perhaps by the time I get back, I'll have more creativity.

And if you miss me, feel free to find out exactly what I thought of all those films and it'll be like I'm right here, going on and on and on in your ear.

And that about raps things up.

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