Sunday, 7 October 2012

Before I Could Write – Part 7

I wrote this when I was twelve (and a half).

Self Portrait

Dear Managing Director of the Dream Job Company,
I am writing to you so that I may apply for the job of ‘brother taming’.
I would like this job so that I can save other people from being attacked by wild brothers.
I have had experience, for I have two of the wildest brothers at home.  I have also tamed other children’s brothers, so that they do not hit out at the slightest thing.
I could start the N.T.B.L.B. (National Taming of Big and Little Brothers).
So please give me this daring job because as I said I can stop the attacks and I can also have the satisfaction of seeing the brothers get the bad side of life for once!

The manager of N.T.B.L.B. to be

P.S. I’ll make the world a better place!

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