Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Avengers Melted My Brain

I can remember when I didn’t care about the Avengers as a superhero group.  I’d always liked the X-Men and back in 2000 when that film came out, it was a pretty big deal in The Social Circle, but I’d never even heard of the Avengers.  Well, not this Avengers anyway.  Steed and Emma Peel, yes.  Iron Man and co, no.

Before 2008 I had never heard of Iron Man.  I knew the Incredible Hulk because I’d seen the TV show when I was a child and it had scared the hell out of me and I got him mixed up with the Jolly Green Giant and consequently was terrified of tinned sweetcorn. 

I knew Thor as a Norse God and was (and am) continually baffled as to how he was therefore also a Marvel superhero.  And I think I had heard of Captain America, but both words are so generic, I can’t be sure.

At some point I saw Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 on DVD because The Housemate made me.  I did not see Thor or Captain America because The Housemate didn’t make me.  I only went to see Avengers Assemble at the cinema because I hadn’t seen The Housemate for a while and he was going.

I liked Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Agent Coulson, so I was vaguely looking forward to seeing them again.  But I didn’t give a hoot about anyone or anything else.

But two things happened that changed The Outlook.  One was the film was better than I was expecting (because I expected the film to be interminably unbearable) so I actually enjoyed myself.  The other was something that took about forty minutes to really sink in…

But once it did…  as you may have noticed from a couple of The Previous Posts…

I got a bit… distracted…

And suddenly, I was really interested in the Avengers, as if I had always cared.  I became the kind of idiot who would watch a bunch of sequel-prequels just to make sense of a team-up film.  And look forward to it, too.

When I discovered Avengers Assemble was being released on DVD just after The Birthday, it seemed the perfectly obvious opportunity to have an Avengers-a-thon.

That’s 12 hours.  Not including all the extra time that would mount up when getting food, going to the toilet, trying to work feeling back into numb legs or rewinding to find out what the hell so-and-so just said.

I got Avengers Assemble for The Birthday, The Housemate borrowed Captain America from his sister and I rented Thor.

And as time grew nearer, I grew more excited.

Which means I should probably blog about it.  Which means I have to scrape what is left of my melted brain after 14 hours TV-vegetating back into some kind of shape and work out if I have any thoughts left.  I mostly remember explosions.

And while I do that…

I was browsing through old T-shirt designs on, also known as the site that only has designs I like for sale on the days when I don’t look at it, and I came across this:

Which I thought was kinda funny even before I found out what it was referencing.

It was referencing this:

(if that link isn't working, just type "loki'd vimeo" into google and it should be the first result)

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