Friday, 28 September 2012

Birthday 2012

I was woken on The Birthday by a strange and very loud noise, that I quickly realised was the opening strains to The Final Countdown.  At which point The Housemate burst into The Bedroom dressed as Gob Bluth à la Arrested Development and proceeded to perform a terrible magic show, involving throwing pennies at me, a stupid card trick (sorry, illusion) and the materialisation of a birthday card and birthday present.

It was the best start to a birthday.  Ever.  (So far.)

Otherwise it was a quiet birthday.  But a good birthday.

The Mother took me clothes shopping, which I no longer consider a punishment.

The one thing I really really need is a new jumper.

Birthday Clothes

We didn’t get a jumper.

The Father invited me to dinner at his house among much panic of what on Earth they could serve for dinner now I’ve gone vegetarian-plus (also known as vegan) even though every time I have been to The Father’s house in the last five years I have been given a baked potato with salad.

And The Housemate ‘organised’ a picnic

(where we saw this lovely bin)

with surprise guests

and he made V food
Birthday Brownies
Birthday Sausage Rolls
and V birthday cake

It’s a shovel, not a fish, by the way.

Because The Shovel has always been my weapon of choice.

I got this many cards:

And loads of presents:

Birthday Books (although technically All Points North is a nine month belated Christmas present)
Birthday Films

Birthday TV Programmes (although Spin City is region 1 and so doesn't work)
Birthday Music
OTHER (a key ring of Andrew Lancel, tickets to see Dara O Briain and some birthday money)
birthday money which I didn’t use to buy these

although I wanted to.

And that pretty much sums up my birthday.

Except for the 12 hour Avengers-a-thon…

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