Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Yeah, About That

I think we all saw it coming.  The Sunday before the Sunday before last I claimed I had a new, weekly, feature for The Blog.  The chances that I’d manage to do anything with a regular formality were about… uh…


I did start a post last Sunday, but the feature is supposed to be interesting things I’ve seen during the week, i.e. sharing the work of others, and it turns out a week isn’t a very long time, so I couldn’t actually come up with anything.  Not to say that hundreds of interesting things aren’t created (or rather, reposted by someone I know) every week, just, y’know, I didn’t see them, coz I’m…  What was it again?

It seems that The Blog is becoming a receptacle in which I write

rather than something I actually write anything in.

So I will stop doing that.

And stop being so easily distracted — Like by those two hairs on the desk in front of me that have fallen in such a way that they look like a bum —


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