Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Before I Could Write - Part 4

Here continues, mostly for my own amusement (and presumably the amusement of my 11, yes ELEVEN, crazed fans, (and yes, I will pretend not to notice that at least two of those are duplicate accounts)), the next instalment of stories I wrote as a child.

This one I managed when I was about nine years old.  Well, it’s more of a paragraph than a story, but what it lacks in stability, it makes up for in gibberish.

Self Portrait

(Pretty sure there's nothing wrong with that picture for The Housemate to complain about.) (The Housemate's biting criticism of my childhood artistic ability first noted here The 'me not feel well' Post)

My Tall Story

I was walking down the hall when I tripped up.  Then the walls turned into monsters.  The monsters took me to their master who was a house, and he ate me.  When I got inside it, I saw a frog.  The frog said “I am a prince.  If you go to sleep with me I will turn into a prince.”  “Push off,” I said, and I dug a hole in the steel floor.  After a while water came up.  I saw a dolphin and it walked home with me.  Then it called a badger the badger told me to go to sleep.  I said “I can’t because this is a dream.”  But the badger said “go to sleep anyway.”


Yeah!  Take that sleazy frog! 

And as a bonus, here is a poem I also wrote when I was nine:

Pet Poem

My cat is tabby and white
He is quite light
He loves to sleep
And hates to run and leap
Except when he’s running
Away from my brother

And as an extra bonus, here’s what would happen if skinks were eagles:

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