Sunday, 6 May 2012

How Interesting

Welcome to a new feature on my blog.  Oh yes.

It's nothing at all to do with that whole L-A-Z-Y thing, and everything to do with sharing and appreciating others and... stuff.

So today, and maybe every Sunday, instead of writing and illustrating a post, I will put up links to the best things (best meaning the most interesting, entertaining or funny) I have come across on the Internet during the week.

Let's get things started.

The Best Picture I Have Seen This Week.

Moonrise above the lunar valley in the Atacama by Federhirn

I like it because it looks like the moon is rolling along the hills like a coin in one of those machines where you put a coin in and watch it roll along, except that this is the moon and not a coin.

The Best List I Have Seen This Week.

2012 Television Awards Nominees

Exciting because Tom Hollander (lovely, lovely Tom Hollander) is up for a BAFTA for his performance in Rev.  (Also Holy Flying Circus is nominated and that was really good, plus it had Charles Edwards and Darren Boyd in it, so that just made it even better).

Okay, so it's not that exciting.  I just like talking about Tom Hollander, okay?  And imagining him coated in chocolate...  Except The Housemate says I have to stop doing that because it's the same as if he imagined Isla Fisher dipped in chocolate and I'd be the first to say that was wrong, only I'm sure that imagining Tom Hollander covered in chocolate is not the same but I can't think of an argument that isn't sexist, so I just have to stop doing it.  That thing, with the imagination... and Tom Hollander... and chocolate...

The Best Article I Have Read This Week.

Why It Sucks To Be Ant-Man: The Forgotten Avenger by Daniel O'Brien

One of those jokes you think of yourself and chuckle over and then you find out someone already wrote a whole sketch on it and it's so funny there's no point even trying to compete and you should just share it.  Git.

It's so funny that breathing became difficult (it works best read out loud).

The Best Video I Have Watched This Week.

I watched a lot of videos this week and I just can't decide on which was better than all the others.  So here are the top three, which cover the basic video groups of humour, music and cute fluffy animals.

[EDIT 2015: the video of cute fluffy animals has been taken down, sorry]


I just discovered The Rico The Puppet Show today.  I've watched three episodes so far and they were all hilarious so I'm sure it isn't at all short-sighted and rash to assume that they are all genius and therefore we should all rush off and watch them.  NOW.

Music (also humour):

Neil Hannon is my favourite singer/songwriter for a) writing cool lyrics, b) having a fantastically beautiful voice, c) being funny, d) putting orchestras in his songs, e) actually being able to make me cry with his music, and f) being connected to Father Ted.  And his recipe to create the perfect Eurovision song is so damn catchy.

And finally,

The Thing I Have Seen This Week And Now Really Want To Own.

The Lyrics Of Neil Hannon

And in dreams...

Last night I dreamt that Earl Hickey had a fancy dress birthday party but none of his friends came and they all went out and got drunk instead because they're jerks.


Ooh ooh ooh Trafalgar.  La la la Trafalgar.    DAMN YOU NEIL HANNON.

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