Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Rescue Of A Dead End Life

The starting point for the year, I seem to recall, is something called…

I don’t know exactly what this lotion is supposed to do, but I have an inkling that it’s some kind of snake oil that’s supposed to improve your life.  And I seem to have, once again, forgotten all about it.

But before I have to make some more, perhaps there is time to salvage this year.

I vow to be better. 

Obviously I can’t actually change. 

But if I try to sort things out, that might help a bit.  Have less of this sort of scenario:

I need to actually do things, instead of uh, not doing them.  That’s the trouble with living with The World’s Greatest Procrastinator. 

It rubs off.

So, life improvement step one: I’ve been trying to get up earlier.  Instead of doing this:

But before I can move on with anything, I need to sort out the room, instead of just shoving all important documents and rubbish under the bed and in the wardrobe.

The journey of a thousand miles…

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