Sunday, 11 September 2011

Time To Wave Good-Bye To Youth

In the early hours of this morning, I realised that today I was moving from the mid twenties to the late twenties.

I’m not suggesting that people who are 40 or over might as well be dead, just that if by 40 they have achieved the same amount in life as I have, they’ve wasted their lives.

I try to console myself that I am not yet old and I have not yet finished wasting my life.

And it kinda works.

Until I go on to facebook.  And see what the ‘friends’ are up to.

These are people of roughly the same age and background as me, slowly leaving their youth behind and hurtling towards that should-be-arriving-at-where-they-want-their-life-to-be age.

A third of them are thus:

But then I calm down.  I’m not jealous of this third, because I hate stress and I’m L-A-Z-Y.  I want money, sure.

But I don’t want to WORK for it.

A third of them are thus:


But then I calm down.  I’m not jealous of this third, because I still think I’m a child, so how could I possibly raise some?  I do want a partner, but I’ve no idea who or what would suit me.

And the final third are:

That third lot are the creative sorts.  And okay, so there’s a published story here, a CD there, a cameo on TV everywhere.  But nothing you could live off, or be well known for.  Because being successful in business is something you have to start early, and being successful with family is something you do when you’re young, sexy and fit, but being successful creatively is a long painful struggle that could take your entire life and still never happen.

So that’s okay.  Unless…  What if this third group do start to be successful?

What AM I doing with the life?

The only conversation I seem to have these days is this:

Believe me, if anything EVER actually happens to me, and most of the time I’m happy to coast under the radar, I’d let you know.  If I got published, I’d let everyone know.

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