Sunday, 18 September 2011

Before I Could Write - Part 1

It was soon time for me to exert my innate writing ability; like Mozart to music, so I to writing.  Still an infant, I began to pen masterworks. 

Oh no, wait, I was rubbish at writing for many, many years.  I could barely read when I was a kid, but faced with the sheer heartbreak of The Mother’s disappointment and disapproval, the fact that all The Friends were in The Top Reading Group, and my love for stories, I did pick up.  My handwriting was abysmal, and every single school report complained of it.  And, well, everything I wrote pre-2005 (pre-epiphany) was dross, although this didn’t stop me from sharing it with every single person I saw.

And HOORAY, I’m going to put some on the blog!

This is one of the first stories I ever wrote. 

I was five or six. 

Self Portrait

 I’ve had to correct the spelling, because it was written in GIBBERISH.  I only worked out what it said using the pictures.  I’ve put in brackets how I spelt the names of the animals in the original version.

The Elephant That Never Stopped Changing. 

One day an elephant (elfit) started to change he went purple and he said to a rabbit please help but the rabbit couldn’t help. 

Then he went yellow with spots and he met a horse (hos) but he couldn’t help. 

And then the elephant turned into a horse help me said the horse to a mouse (mas) and the mouse turned the horse into an elephant again. 

And the elephant kept the mouse and they had good games together.

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