Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blog At War

For hundreds of years, people have managed to write coherent, regular journals. 

‘So where have you been for six months?’ I hear you ask.


So anyway, it goes a little something like this:

I am a writer. 

In preparation for one day being a PUBLISHED writer, I decided I should get myself out there, get the name about a bit, get a blog and a twitter account.

I thought a blog would be easy.  I thought I had plenty of stuff to fill the blog with, because there’re plenty of thoughts in my head.

A diagram of The Hill’s mind and contents thereof:

But the Internet is a lot bigger than my head.  While the voice is pretty loud in my own mind, on the Internet, I felt like this:

And yet, when expostulating with The Housemate, I never had this problem.  With him by my side, I was always able to make my points and feel pretty damn good about them too.  Plus he has a way with words.

So I asked if he’d like to do a joint blog.  He said yes.

Six months later...

I forgot The Housemate was:

...Even though that’s how I wrote Working Title: Rigor Morris, the novel I’m currently trying to get published.

But finally, on Friday, we launched our joint review blog Neil Is The Best Dalek.

This means the pressure is off.  I don’t need to worry about opinion pieces and reviews in here and Hillesque can now simply chronicle the journey to getting published.

So what have I been doing for six months?

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