Sunday, 6 February 2011

Film Review: Yes Man [2008]

EDIT (2013): WARNING - I wrote these reviews aaaaages ago and possibly don't even agree with them any more.  I have since discovered that one sentence reviews are a lot more fun.  Please see One Sentence Film Reviews tab.

Jim Carrey makes it one second into the film before being his usual irritating self.  How did they miss so badly with this character?  He has perfectly understandable, empathetic motivations and yet isn’t remotely likeable.  Now, pay attention and see if you can follow this riddling plot: he’s a guy who says no a lot.

Does it have to be so blatant?

So our No Man bumps into an insane jerk who gives him a leaflet, which leads him to a horrible cult, to whom ‘no means no’ is meaningless.  Here he learns he should blindly say yes to everything and his life will be better for it.  He adjusts instantly for some reason and becomes a different person.

He meets Zooey Deschanel and her boring voice playing the same character she always plays.  In a dangerously stupid and a bit promiscuous move, she doesn’t mind snogging a complete stranger who might kill her.  Throughout the film, he manipulates her and such is their relationship. 

Meanwhile, he goes around picking stuff off the wall and doing what he’s told, which is apparently the same as saying yes.  He has adventures.  Good job he’s rich. 

There are no trials or difficulties for the majority of the film.  Seemingly aware of this, suddenly at the end there is the random falling out scene that all rom-coms feel necessary these days.  She is upset that he says yes to things, even though that’s exactly the sort of thing she does.  He kept something from her, she leaves, he races after her.  I am sick of this rom-com cliché.  Especially when it’s the wrong way round.  She dumped him.  If she raced after him, realising she was in the wrong, that makes sense.  But him racing after her when she has told him to leave her alone is called STALKING.

A pointless diversion.


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