Sunday, 6 February 2011

Film Review: Yellow Submarine [1968]

EDIT (2013): WARNING - I wrote these reviews aaaaages ago and possibly don't even agree with them any more.  I have since discovered that one sentence reviews are a lot more fun.  Please see One Sentence Film Reviews tab.

So like, what if we took a lot of drugs while listening to some Beatles records?  And then, still tripping out, went and rounded up a bunch of unemployed, frustrated animators and modern art students and said, hey dudes, lets make a film that will totally freak with people’s minds? 

It would definitely be important, or so this small gremlin on my shoulder is telling me, that it made no sense whatsoever, I mean, what would happen if that paradise under the sea was threatened?  The Beatles would totally have to save it, right?  Maybe anyway.  I’m not even sure what I’m talking about.  I mean, a plot would completely repress what we were trying to say, man.

I’m telling you, weird, random and creepy visuals would be key, and the best part is they’d both confuse and bore the audience.  It’d be like this endless hell they couldn’t escape.

And we won’t pay the animators anything.  We won’t want it looking smooth or normal or good coz then the audience might not freak out.  And we’ll just get some voice actors to do impressions of The Beatles and sound really bored while coming out with endless quips, just to confuse the audience a bit more.

People will love it.  The ones who don’t go insane with the weirdness or die of boredom.  You know, the ones who like marking modern art projects.  And maybe a few die-hard The Beatles fans, who keep their eyes shut and just listen to the music.

God, I’m hungry.

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