Sunday, 6 February 2011

Film Review: Without A Clue [1988]

EDIT (2013): WARNING - I wrote these reviews aaaaages ago and possibly don't even agree with them any more.  I have since discovered that one sentence reviews are a lot more fun.  Please see One Sentence Film Reviews tab.

You’d think a spoof of Sherlock Holmes would be diabolical trash, but Without A Clue works because the plot has credibility. 

Dr Watson is an investigative genius, driven to despair when he makes the mistake of casting an actor to play his fictional Sherlock Holmes. 

Ben Kingsley is restrained as the unappreciated Watson, almost bringing a tear to the eye.  His spirits crushed, his pride hurt, pompously infuriated with his partner’s bungling, he comes to hate Holmes. 

Michael Caine is hilarious as Reginald Kincaid, the stupid and caddish actor who has to pretend to be the famous detective, and Jeffrey Jones adds fun support as the competitive Inspector Lestrade. 

The character interactions are very amusing, the material is all cheerfully fun, the plot is engaging enough.  It’s a treat.


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