Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Job Interview

It wasn’t anybody’s birthday today, so I didn’t take any long drives to run short errands.  But tomorrow morning I have an even longer drive ahead of me, to somewhere I have never been before. 

I’m feeling calm about the interview tomorrow.  Not confident of success, but almost looking forward to the adventure.  Something to write about, eh?  That excuse means on some level, I can even enjoy bad situations.  Not that tomorrow will be bad.  No indeed.  I’m being positive. 

I have a job interview, a meeting at the jobcentre and it’s the signing on day.  When I get home, I have a couple of jobs to apply for that run out the day after.  After all that, there should still be some time to do the whole ‘freelance’ thing. 

How difficult is it for a freelance writer who worked in a theatre for the last four years to get a job in an office?  Exceedingly, apparently.

Still, maybe I’ll see one of those funny birds.  I think they’re called piebald wagtails or something.  What they should be called is ‘those funny birds with the cartoon legs’.  They run about so fast and they look like a child’s drawing of a bird.  They’re a sight that always makes me smile, no matter how stressed or distressed I am.  Like shiny five pence pieces and sunbeams in clouds, these are a few of my favourite things.  Take it, Julie!


  1. Pied Wagtails. Pied meaning black and white. They are a darker subspecies of the European white wagtail. Factfans.

  2. Piebald also means black and white, but thank you for the name, Factgiver. Assuming I'm even talking about the correct bird in the first place.


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